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Test Anglais Débutant A1.2 - Test 1

Test de vocabulaire d'anglais du niveau A1.2

20 test items

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John is full of li.
He wears d glasses and a black leather jacket.
Are you ready to or?
Ireland is an is.
Do you sell cold ds?
Ayfer spent a year going travelling r the world.
D eight glasses of water every day.
The travel guide contains a chapter on the city’s ancient hi.
a g of wine
Brazil will continue to dominate the world coffee market with the b beans.
The sharp increase in the price of fuel will affect transportation cs.
Democracy works on the principle that eve has equal rights.
We’re tired. We ha slept all night because of the insects.
I’m busy on Friday, but I’m f today.
Are you going away for your summer ho?
Critics accuse the go of accepting bribes.
A good cook always has a set of sharp knives in the ki.
One day, the prince will become K.
America wants a fair balance of t with Asian countries.
I don’t like this music. Let’s l to something else.

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