Vocabulaire et expressions – Anglais Introductif II

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Anglais Introductif II

Avec ces premiers 1000 mots d'anglais, vous comprenez déjà environ 72% du vocabulaire anglais d’un texte.
Correspond à 2 ans de cours d'anglais en collège (Niveau 5e).
CECRL: A1.2 - Niveau Introductif ou Découverte.
Cette collection de vocabulaire anglais fait partie de notre cours d'anglais gratuit.

493 items

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reach chance south nearly life hit arm shop foreign wear up to reason thank answer lead easy anyone wrong win English top dark visit choose station play Miss above machine third order round second fight forget plan hope team nature at all throw more than basis question speak blue size interesting page oil practise main hot happen history date language beautiful among glass bear bill best dead afternoon army step ensure east maybe price cost sign lay everyone trouble sound France anyway hardly talk drop free sound lady member stage act name material call special push industry dinner process certain decide away from train race hill a bit while period village move meeting smile holiday raise government cause stone laugh let kitchen secretary usually West front colour warm mile president drink mouth sleep fair trade Sir necessary king value gas area past hang chair band hole farm base capital listen run pound tomorrow cup French dad case start sale popular organisation type centre ship writing though leg hotel deep state as well pair training front officer quickly save rich although seat action agree voice sign however heavy rate past finish drink fish teach inside light study feed in order to letter system winter continue Scotland proposal point modern suddenly million memory head understand that shoot fly condition structure sentence cover basic beat radio spring instead rock wonder mind county train turn rule model position finger each other note tonight earth rain whole bag science return season match behaviour Germany UK record energy quarter wind skin interest thousand daughter attention hard own forest court store born newspaper middle will football national boat social cut community enter level leader island general enjoy difference certainly a little none sort simple fill public response sing half post cross probably means develop user last star America nine thirty method especially within farmer note pretty message experience plan test early purpose twelve corner in terms of subject track accident house telephone dress receive less marry afraid worker copy bridge working bright rise artist mark moment speed fifty term lovely care be used to stick somebody German everybody Scottish exercise surely key soft ride rather list husband weather bus trip past produce little space player problem useful practice be worth cry reading possibility tea clean back travel fresh Ireland regular hand middle coffee gun interested address statement a lot [of] cell rule quiet towards dry return therefore key address control bottom planning hide union central itself walk section quick row flat Wales council pupil pick noise below recognise standard view thanks touch easily dress common fast It is one {o'clock}. gold clothes straight wild bar smile onto flower amount remain project somewhere jump master neck generally allow ring consider queen prepare fit alone fall century serious sky herself force dream attack growing deal used employee bottle rest sport order tall busy lots shot account April tax result voice plate close join climb brown no longer title mark weight present funny clear wood bedroom safety region human ear total check measure mountain even if beginning scene beside charge sick population claim bird seventeen

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